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2016 domestic wig is worth looking forward to prospect of market

  • Author:Andrew
  • Source:Net
  • Release on:2016-03-21

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From the point of consumption of wig products, due to the consumption idea of wig in China is relatively backward, mainly for domestic consumers to compensate for physical defects, such as hair loss, less hair and wearing a wig, ornaments, beauty consciousness is not strong, and the consumption climate has not been formed.Are in the market is also a family workshop production of low grade of wig products, users seem to be embarrassed to mention their own use a wig.
But, this kind of condition has been changed, the investigation and study that the Chinese public is very strong, in the pursuit of fashion will along with our country economy development and the rising purchasing power of domestic consumers, especially the people to the pursuit of luxury, fashion consumption will make more and more fashionable gradually into the People's Daily consumption of consumer goods.

Fashion wig products in the domestic promoted the most key factor is the change of people consumption idea."Her age" is hardly a haven for employees - fashion industry and economic development for employees fashion, group of women is to become the absolute main consumer groups.As China's consumer market matures, consumption era "she" is proposed as a new concept, women gradually become the mainstream of absolute consumption market, while the female consumer goods industry has entered a rapid growth, the vast space."She times" economy will provide fertile soil for the development of fashion industry employees.Women purchasing power expansion is the lifeblood of the consumer goods industry sustainable development, and also provides the guarantee for the sustainable development of female consumer goods industry, at the same time, the female population and the expansion of the number of high-end women's will be good for the long-term development of the industry.
WeChat public number: new of employees (languanhair) JuanCheng new da employees co., LTD

In general, the main consumer market of wig demand increasing year by year, potential consumer market to further cultivate and expand for the wig industry provides a wider development space and good prospects for development, the industry in the future will hold 15% 20% annual growth rate, China employees output will reach $2 billion in 2015.At present, the employees export mainly concentrated in henan, shandong, tianjin, guangdong and sichuan and other provinces and cities, the country engaged in production of the company more than 500 employees, including henan has more than 100, the industry practitioners for more than 60 m.