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Five different location hair, indicate five different health risks

  • Author:Andrew
  • Source:Net
  • Release on:2016-03-25

JingXie double deficient liver and kidney damage, viscera disorder, that is, the roots of white hair Hair white and yellow clumps, shows that there is something wrong with the internal body, must cause attaches great importance to and take measures in time, can avoid the disease spread in the body.

1. liangbinbanbai, partial liver fire
 Head sides corresponding viscera reflex zone is courage, partial liver fire or grumpy or love to sulk, often accompanied by dry mouth, dry mouth bitter tongue, eyes, such as acidity is caused by liver fire, commonly known as the internal heat is big, and spleen injury.
 1. dinner is given priority to with delicate, can eat more rice pudding Lotus porridge Lotus tremella porridge Lotus plumule tea Rose tea Hawthorn tea.
 2. if bitter dry mouth, mouth can eat lotus plumule and balsam pear.
 3. control mood, keep the relaxed mood, some can increase life interest activities, but the liver, gallbladder, open thoracic diaphragm.

2. back of the head - kidney empty white hair
 kidney empty head is corresponding to the internal reflection area of bladder bladder by qi deficiency often accompanied by urine more, frequent, enuresis, urinary symptoms such as closed or urinate impeded Micturition function of bladder and kidney gas boom and bust has a close relationship Kidney is adequate, urine can timely secretion in bladder out to the body side by side, if the kidney deficiency and not solid tweezers, will appear less than the symptoms caused by kidney gasification.

3 the forehead hair - taste bad

Forehead is corresponding reflex zones of spleen and stomach, spleen and stomach bad people often abdominal distension Abdominal pain, stomach acid, tastelessness not thirsty Limbs not wen Defecate rare pond, and are often associated with bad breath, bulimia, or limbs swelling And cold or warm Pee qing long or adverse Women leucorrhea more clear The leading causes of spleen and stomach cold is a bad eating habits, such as eating Often eat cold drinks or cold food Combined with the fast pace of life, mental pressure big, are more likely to cause stomach trouble So to develop good eating habits, spleen and stomach cold patient can eat pepper pork stomach soup, ginger water Pepper and ginger is the spice of jianwei warm stomach, can regulate the condition of good taste xu han, restore health spleen and stomach.

4 grey hair Smart worry more
emotional self-control If white hair, it is a very intelligent man, head rotation is flexible, belonged to more easily excited, with Yin and Yang, your brain is a perineal Yang for a while, with poor ability to control their emotions, so trouble white This body each viscera has existed for hidden danger, the doctor of traditional Chinese medicine about anger hurt liver, happy, sad, spleen injury, fear of injury kidney, insides are in a state of sub-health Such people should learn to control their emotions, try to maintain the stability of the mood.

5 should be white, not white - as overseers blunt injury of arteries and veins
If the white beard, no white hair, is the President of du rushed pulse had been injured, such people often appear hot flashes sweat out Have a headache giddy Insomnia, much dream depression irritability Loss of appetite etc.