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The old man hair less derived from collagen breakdown

  • Author:Andrew
  • Source:Net
  • Release on:2016-03-21

Xinhua Tokyo on February 14 (xinhua LanJianZhong) increased with age, people will gradually thinning hair.
Japan's Tokyo medical and dental university researchers found that this is due to maintain the function of hair follicle stem cells is an important protein is broken down, lead to hair follicle atrophy and disappear gradually.The discovery will help develop new methods for the treatment of hair loss.
Human hair growth after 3 to 5 years fall off naturally, since the same position will grow new hair, this is because the hair follicle stem cells at the same time of self-replicating, produce manufacturing hair cells, which make the hair repeated the process of growth and fall off
West village, a professor at the university of Tokyo medical and dental beauty led the team in the new issue of the journal science reports that they noticed that mice after 2 years of age hair removal, the researchers followed the change of the mice hair follicle stem cells function, found that with the increase of mice age, the hair follicle stem cells no longer self-replicating, lost the original function, and gradually move to the skin, become the epidermal keratinocytes, and finally as dandruff and dirt from falling out.And the new long out of body hair also can become thin, hair follicle gradually narrowed, eventually disappear.
The researchers found that in no longer play a role of hair follicle stem cells, a technique called "17 type collagen protein is broken down.They believe that this is due to the increased with age, hair follicle stem cells after DNA damage repair, 17 type collagen is broken down by enzymes.
The researchers through gene manipulation produced 17 type won't break down collagen mice, found that they are at the age of 2 body hair follicle number is 1 mm in length and 1.4 times of normal rats.
35 to 45 years old, the researchers found that healthy women of scalp, atrophy of hair follicles, on average, 2.2% of the total number of hair follicles, and scalp healthy women aged 55 to 70, on average, about 15% of hair follicles to shrink.They believe that human hair follicle atrophy should and mice have the same mechanism.
, the researchers said if found 17 type collagen can inhibit decomposition substance, can be used to treat hair loss, and may also have curative effect to radiation lead to hair loss.