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Receiving and sending

  • Author:Andrew
  • Source:Net
  • Release on:2016-02-17
Receiver: the receiver is receiving their own real hair, the hair instantly at transition from short to long, can be a wig, hair with hair or hair.Because hair more real, smooth, easy to do dyeing and perm and easy to wash protect operation, so it is more widely used.Receiving "principle is very simple, is the processed real hair" grafting "to the original hair. Hair needs to be divided into a number of village, and then a strand of a lock and together, is a kind of" slow accumulation ". It can satisfy those who want to short hair is long, thick, long hair does not need for color oil can reach the highlights (Depart Dyeing) effect of the appetite of the young gens. But if your hair long for short stay (standard), you still with the pop out.
Hair color: according to the production process, can be divided into manual hair shade, and hair shade according to the mechanism of the raw materials can be divided into, real hair shade mixed chemical fiber and chemical fiber hair shade or human hair, hair curtain shade of color have black silk hair, known as the "1 b, cream-colored or 613 style hair shade: big wave, wavelet, straight hair.