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Human hair and chemical fiber

  • Author:Andrew
  • Source:Net
  • Release on:2016-02-17
Let's compare all aspects from human hair and synthetic wigs
1. The material.
Human hair the sense that gives a person is friendly, natural, it really is a kind of natural material, and the material on the people around you.
Every day we can really feel the material.Ha ha, when there is no hair people feel strange to the hair by hand touch your family's hair
It was back to that kind of feeling in a friendly way.
Chemical fiber silk, is a kind of synthetic material, although it is cheaper than a human hair, but it feels strange, believe a lot of people
No hands touch the material, maybe only seen on the image.
Synthetic wigs like false teeth, eyes, although the price is cheaper than that of the true, but people have not used, or rarely have the opportunity to come
Hand touch it.
2. The difference between appearance: not the personage inside course of study, I believe, if you want to use eyes to observe or the touch of the hand easily distinguish human hair and chemical fiber is still very difficult
, do you think about it, if the chemical fiber and human hair appearance difference can let a person see at a glance, that this kind of chemical fiber have been accepted
The value of it.
Chemical fiber silk to do you want to be successful, the first element is the appearance must be infinitely close to human hair, the closer it gets to the human hair, the higher the acceptance,
Otherwise, the chemical fiber to the market, is a kind of dream.
Let us gratified thing, now this technology is more and more progress, chemical fiber do not only in appearance, feel more and more close to the person
And on the main composition is sent to close to the people, such as silk protein.Silk protein is on the basis of conventional chemical fiber silk,
Joined the protein, this protein is aside, synthetic, or natural, in a word, a mixture of protein in chemical materials
Quality, compared with the previous conventional fiber materials is undoubtedly a great progress.
Of course, many experts still can tell the difference between a them.Only from the appearance.
Said along while, for the public, in a word, appearance, their basic no difference.
3. Test to distinguish between people and chemical fiber
To precise the difference between two kinds of material, the effective way is to dyeing test
It is a good chemical fiber dyeing.
Before the burning test for silk protein fiber is invalid, for other fiber materials are very effective
Specific details, please see last post "classification of synthetic fiber wig materials and difference between"
4. So let's sum up the advantages and disadvantages of their application.
Maybe someone will say, and say, "human hair" body are advantages of chemical fiber body are shortcomings, still use to say
But you must be wrong,
Say first price: in China, we want to promote the wig as a kind of fashion, like a woman dresser cosmetics, wardrobe fashion or silk stockings
The first thing to start synthetic wigs.Why is that?
If you run into a fashionable girl on the street, you asked her if she is willing to spend 10000 yuan to buy a fashionable temperament of a human hair wig to go with her face and clothes
Most of you will be rejected.But if you make you a fashionable girl trying to a few hundred yuan or it takes only a few yuan synthetic wigs, most will rejoice
Take it.Accepted a few yuan of synthetic wigs, hair wigs for 10000 yuan is full of curiosity and interest.
Fashion not only is infectious, and tentatively with low cost.
As many synthetic wigs are cheaper than human hair wigs, so try to make our low cost to promote fashion.
Because fashion is infectious, so, give us more confidence in future wig market.Armour is wearing a wig is beautiful, also can buy a wear quickly
On.Infection, not only in China, as long as the associated and vogue, global are infectious.
Followed by color: synthetic fiber wig because it is chemical synthesis material, can be manually to give more accurate, more sophisticated color, because of the chemical fiber material
, to let our hair has a more realistic color.
Fiber materials, let we have colorful fans wig, wacky wigs, wig, Halloween festival wigs, all in all, thanks
The existence of chemical fiber material, can let us have more bright-coloured, brighter color wig.
As long as the international color swatches, chemical fiber SiDou can be built accurate.
But can not human hair.