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Human hair wigs

  • Author:Andrew
  • Source:Net
  • Release on:2016-06-09
Through the acquisition of human hair in the simulation of hair. According to the different length, can be divided into large, medium and small models, suitable for beauty lady, hair loss, etc.

Human hair wigs (human hair) belongs to the wig class, belongs to high-grade wigs, hair wigs are using real hair shunfa (China or India shunfa) through hand knits the process will be hair, according to the growth of the hair to use of buckle way on the wig openings at the top of head scalp net material, using high simulation can divide seam, can be points in large number; Large (57-59 cm), medium (55 and 56 cm), small (52-54 cm), suitable for hair hair loss, chemotherapy, ms white hair, beauty and so on
At present our country commercial wig sort is various, from the use, can be divided into life wig, decorative wig, drama, model wig, teaching practice five categories; From length, style, can be divided into the beatles hair, long hair, short hair, half type, volume hairstyle, wave, braid type and straight hair, curly hair, hairdo classes; From color, black, beige, light brown, gold, silver, linen and red, etc. A pure human hair wigs and synthetic wigs. Have a few kinds of woven, half woven, all hand woven. A piece of hair, head two.

Wig wearing wants to be coordinated with the color of skin, in the case of their own hair, should choose as far as possible with your hair color or close to the color of the same in less or no hair itself should choose according to skin color. White skin should choose tan, light brown wig; Black skin should choose black, dark brown wig; Yellow skin should choose maroon, dark brown wig; The make-up party etc Commonly used wig color move should choose depending on the makeup color and lighting and its coordination of wig, such as wine red, yellow, orange red, purple, etc.
Hair wigs have hair soft, elastic, the characteristics of authenticity is strong. But after washing will be deformation, need to be modelling processing. Washing method: will the wig is soaked with water, soak in warm water containing shampoo, with handle gently knead, wash the dirt. To foam with water, then use the conditioner care; After wash the wigs will carry out, with a dry towel gently, absorb moisture. The wigs holder in the wood, smooth. According to the need of hairstyle air volume for flowers or finalize the design. Hair quality wigs need to model, after each washing can be used according to the needs of hair grooming tools. Hair quality wig modelling should be conducted on bracket for the most part, but in the process of operation should be repeated set and proved the effect on the wearer's head, and make hair style is suitable for face. Wigs in carding action to gently, do not pull the hair roots. The heat of the modelling of blowing, the wind shoulds not be too strong. Hair finalize the design before, put on the guest try effect, make the hair style conform to the needs of the customers. false.
1: shunfa (is the hair root is slightly is hair hair hair, braid clippings, end not upside down, not chaotic, the raw material is the best to make a wig. The hair elastic. Discrimination method is the natural color as no dyeing, the root is black, the tail is slightly dull yellow, or split. After dyeing is also more flexible. 2: cut hair cut hair, this is worse than shunfa, because a lot is dyed, permed. Method to identify the wig is all dyeing later do, therefore to identify more difficult. Amateurs are difficult to identify. 3: hair hair just as its name implies is to abandon, is the collection of hair comb my hair down. This is the worst. Identify a grasping hair end for hair tip, looking at the sun with a black. The home of the hair Points China hair India hair European hair Malaysia hair people as the name suggests is that countries such as Vietnam hair hair. The Chinese hair and India hair use most, because India sent the most like
Woven, break up mechanism. Half a hand-made. Hand-woven wigs: for the mechanic with crochet hair knits to do fine eyes special population, hair in the wind move feeling. Mechanic means and embroidered mother embroidered truth is the same, pure hand-made, need patient perseverance and good eyesight, as countries grew strong, willing to do this type of work is more and more scarce, wig knits the mechanic is slowly disappear, because the process is scarce and result in higher costs. Mechanism of wigs: machine fold hair live hair root to make hair piece, then pieces of car on the population. Hair is folding live fixed. Can't arbitrary points and dancing. Prices are low. Hand-woven, half hand-woven wigs: the whole head mechanism behind, and the price is lower than that of hand-woven, than the mechanism of dynamic nature. Short hair blended silk wig in international market The instability of real hair. And can't keep nice curvature. Led to the short hair wigs are difficult to do. Significant characteristic is after cleaning without shape untidy hair back and sides. This is true.
Wig net national standards 1, scope, This standard stimulates the wig caps and headdress terms and definitions, requirements, test methods, inspection rule and labels, packaging, transport and storage. This standard applies to the human hair and synthetic hair as raw material, made by processing the wig caps and tire. 2 and normative reference file The terms of the following documents by the reference of this international standard as the provisions of this standard. Every note date reference documents, its all subsequent modification single (not including errata content) or revised edition are not applicable to this standard, however, according to the agreement of the parties of this standard are encouraged to study whether can use the latest version of these documents. Anyone who doesn't note date reference documents, the latest version is applicable to this standard.
GB/T2912.1 determination of formaldehyde of textiles The first part: the free hydrolyzed formaldehyde (water extraction method)
GB/T3920 textile color fastness test Rubbing fastness
(GB/T3920-2008, ISO105 - X12, 2001, IDT)
GB/T27573 textile water extraction
GB/T8427 textile color fastness test The fastness to artificial light, xenon arc
(GB/T8427-2008, the IOS - B02, 1994, MOD)
GB/T9995 textile material moisture content and moisture regain of reserve oven drying method GB/T13835.5 rabbit hair fiber breakage strength and elongation test method The determination of GB/T17592 textile banned azo dyes
GB/T23166 employees terminology
FZ / 01057.3 textile fiber identification test method The third part, microscope method
3, terms and definitions
GB/T23166 establish terms and definitions apply to this standard.
4, requirements
4.1 the senses
4.4.1 FaPai hair color should be uniform density, mechanism line color and color the same color.
4.1.2 monochromatic hair color should be consistent.
4.1.3 same product color hair hand induction is consistent, no hair loss phenomenon.
4.1.4 curvature should be natural, soft and elastic.
4.1.5 should wear comfortable, good air permeability. At the bottom should be the overall smooth, color should be coordinated natural material.
4.1.6 should be clean, no foreign body
4.1.7 simulation should be soft, scalp needle and thread
4.1.8 hairstyle should connect the nature.
4.1.9 head cap should be full, issuing from the uniform.
4.1.10 weave density should be the simulation of natural hand-woven products.
4.2 technical indicators 2 quality deviation rate should be greater than 4%.
4.2.2 complete negative deviation should be no greater than 10 mm length Holdings moisture regain
The scope of This standard stimulates the wig caps and headdress terms and definitions, requirements, test methods, inspection rule and labels, packaging, transport and storage. Human hair wigs sensory requirements 1 mechanism line color and color the same color. 2 no hair loss phenomenon. 3 curvature should be natural, soft and elastic. 3 at the bottom should be the overall smooth, color should be coordinated natural material. Human hair wigs technical indicators 1 quality deviation rate should be greater than 4%. 2 complete negative deviation should be no greater than 10 mm length 3 moisture regain reference standard GB/T23170-2008 4 caps, tire and the bottom of the cap should be left and right sides is symmetrical, before and after the circumference length, depth, length of deviation is not more than 10 mm.
Hair identification
Burn, choose a wisp of hair first smell hair is barbecue flavor, add heat-resistant wire is plastic. Moreover twist the burning ashes, twist into powder is real hair, is adding heat-resistant wire plugs. Finally for the highest heat temperature heat-resistant wire is 180-200 degrees Celsius. So you can choose a wisp of hair roll bar with straight powder or electricity heating curvature straighten or doing the highest temperature of 220 degrees, without JiaoHuZhuang is true hair, have JiaoHuZhuang is to add heat resistance wire.