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From the wig material tell you how to choose a wig

  • Author:Andrew
  • Source:Net
  • Release on:2016-04-28

Wigs of choose and buy should pay attention to what? The technological progress to promote the quality of the wig, good wigs have been made quite clear, many stars celebrities are like wearing a wig, HuanXing quickly became the best reason they have a wig.The wigs are ling lang see everywhere, on the market, the choose and buy the wig need to pay attention to what? Today plastic beauty false hairnet from material tell you choose wigs considerations, allows you to quickly master the key points and rookie smaller specialist.

1 the hair material
Currently on the market points three hair material, price from low to high respectively chemical fiber silk chemical fiber/hair mixed classes Human hair.Early chemical fiber silk wig is not realistic, to buy such a wig if it weren't for COSplay is with the play, because the wig is false, and carry out easy to see.With the progress of technology and the introduction of foreign technology, chemical fiber also evolve to now carney Karen silk silk matte silk in high temperature.At present the level of chemical fiber silk wig can be convincing.
Chemical fiber and human hair wigs, basically taobao sell three hundred yuan of the following price real hair wigs belong to this category,Such as hair 80% + 20% to finalize the design, this kind of wig price moderate, realistic effect, can choose to buy normal wear.
Human hair is the most expensive, often thousands of, is not adapted to the life, mainly for the use of an actor.

2 hair net material
Mesh material is also related to the choice of wig wearing effect factors, but also affect the choice of the users feel hairnet mainly pay attention to the net of material comfort and permeability,Try best when buying any uncomfortable feeling, at the same time pull the elastic feel, not loose not tight is preferred.Scalp side carefully observe the simulation are in good condition.

3 wig hair want to know how about the quality of the hair, can use lighter to burn a few hair to try, if have bad smell is inferior products; Also can be used to open to the highest blower outlet according to 5 seconds on a wig,How is real hair will not have any abnormal, if it is other material will pong.

4 choose suits own wigs to choose false have color choose to suit oneself as far as possible when skin hair color, skin color white MM can choose shallow brown、Tan; Choice of the black or tan color of skin dark MM; The choice of the chestnut color yellow MM, dark brown, etc If wear a wig need contact light, then choose wine red yellow Orange red Purple etc.

5 maintain wig note of each material are taboo, chemical fiber silk wig can't wash with hot water Cannot be used as you Can't exposure under the sun; Hair can be slight styling in ram、You can put it in my hair net keeps hair fleeciness; Mixed with the hair and chemical fiber hair can't use the powerful detergent instead of washing detergent wig oh.