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  • Author:Andrew
  • Source:Net
  • Release on:2016-03-21
Look the whole sceneries, from many details as you can see some clue, test your personality and style to match

Neat shawls long hair:
Tidy hair is very common, if a girl can put long hair neat, clean, mostly true goldilocks, more traditional, pay attention to the quality of life, inner gentleness docile.In general, this woman has a good popularity.

Long hair but without modification:
Vegetable surface is her living condition, usually doesn't make up, not to wear bright clothes, don't chase trend, and so will not spend too much time to playing with hair.This kind of women, or is trapped by the busy work and life pressure, or prince, the faint in the city of simple and generous, but overall is still conservative bias and traditional character.

Long hair up:

Most people who are capable and open-minded, the life of this woman is generally very regular, human behavior is rigorous, and they all have their own principles.

Big wavy curl:
Is very conspicuous in the crowd hairstyle, generally can be seen that the woman has a strong self-confidence, and have a yearning freedom, don't want to be bound.Wavy hair and she wants to make themselves full of charm, usually enjoy the pursuit of men, these people have a strong self-confidence, also has a general career ambitions.

The parting long hair:
And shape are very confident about her appearance, general feelings will be very rich also, unwilling lonely, love is not equal to idea, have a self-destructive tendencies.At the same time, this kind of person for film and television, art, literature, etc. In general, have a keen interest.

Compared with the traditional female, short hair woman generally are more or less a little rebellious, but life is organized, do things priorities, capable.These women tend to have a consumedly square square character, popularity is very good, also some people while appearance is very cold, but the heart is still hot.If the boy met a short hair woman, might as well keep your mind open and have a good chat, will have unexpected harvest!

Hair color:
Dye hair not rebellious, but hair color have rebellious tendencies, you know a lot of people for a lifetime also not dyed hair.Out of the subconscious reveal personality, extraordinary, dye hair perm woman was eager to show themselves, in the deep heart's core competitiveness.
A small action, a simple words, a casual look in the eyes, can from different extent, reflect individual character and psychological structure.But with the development of era, the change of hairstyle is very frequently, you can't judge a person solely from the hair up.