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  • Author:Andrew
  • Source:Net
  • Release on:2016-03-21

Hounded by the whole sceneries, as can be seen from the many details in some clue, some of them are generally seen as being careless man, a man's hair is as important clues to interpret character traits


Flat head is the most simple hair, let a person appear very car-scrapping, seems lack of tenderness, but very manly.In general, such a man more conservative and traditional, simple sedate, for external and fashion is not very sensitive.And, of course, the classic flat handsome also is common occurance, very manly can attract women the best magic weapon.

Peace head somewhat similar, but plank inch feels more fashion, in line with the mainstream of aesthetic.And women tresses, plank inch is the number of men the most, also cannot treat as the same character, but most like plank inch modelling men are very sunshine, love sports, there are some childish, have passion to life, like electronic products.With the development of The Times, more and more business young group selection plank inch hair, looks very spirit, "she explains.

Actually...90% baldheaded persons is a cover for hair loss and shall not leave the bald hair, though they are courageous man, hair loss in abad, dare to leave a baldheaded didn't so much.But the bald hair often give people a bad impression for the first time, especially in China.Bald hair more resolute, rollerblading, handout spirit.

Still have separately, generally belong to compare traditional, after 90 have been rare, many 80, 70, after also has this kind of of primitive simplicity style, this kind of person is average the dedication to work is very strong, personal ability is very outstanding, they have no need to do in hairstyle on hands and feet, but want to retain some of the youth's temperament, so separately is unconscious choices.Of course, some are frowsty coquettish type.

Shawls long hair:
Man if long hair shawls, it must be very attention to his appearance, and maverick personality.Such men generally strong self-confidence, have a lot of desire to display their talent, and often feel good, hope to get other people's attention and praise, mostly to the art workers.

Hair neatly sleek:
Like to use wax, gels, and other products of man, every possible hair comb in neatly outside, more the pursuit of quality of life, even a little vain face saving, are more choosy about things, like carp, some even have perfectionist tendencies.

Fashionable hairstyles, acquires very hot hair:
With the development of The Times, more and more men choose hot dye the hair, especially the younger crowd.Such people tend to be optimistic, outgoing, like to try new things, and very care about their own image, like to get the attention of others.But, they don't have enough patience, do a thing often cannot perserve, even the hair style, over a period of time to feel bad to change it immediately.

Usually have very strong character, self-confidence, strong and easy to accept new ideas, family conditions, personal career, usually in the upper level, of course, someone will just also stay up steel Angle tide, but usually not for a long time, because it really is difficult to control.

The Mediterranean hair:
Men are common hair loss.When a man hair loss, he can choose to shave their heads, or wear a wig, hair transplant surgery, also can not do, let the "Mediterranean" hair on my head.Such people generally views, impossible to shave their heads, also won't accept wigs and hair implants.Although a little embarrassed, but still retains a few hair, and one possibility is that, in his recent status and wealth, has already do not need to rely on to illustrate what hairstyle, for example, some high officials and entrepreneurs.