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Africans with small plait is how make

  • Author:Andrew
  • Source:Net
  • Release on:2016-04-20
 A typical day small plait Soft hair Exaggerated curly hair When see the African women's hair, don't know if you have such doubt: the small plait is how make? They don't wash trouble?

I have just arrived in Africa also have these questions, then by talking with them just know, originally the African woman changeable hairstyle, is wearing a wig

Their native loose hair is curly, and growth is slow, very not easy to keep long hair was created, the hair is considered to be informal, banned in schools, so few people to keep long hair

Lead to their hair can't run into our bang points shawl horsetail hair, such as so all the boys stay plate or MAO inches, girl is also flat head or wear a wig That is to say, we see the small plait, are all wigs
fricans natural beauty, women love change hair style, many people change once a week hairstyle, cause when I first got to Africa slightly face blindness, mainly by hairstyle to identify the different people of all dare not to recognize when I meet again. School girl is like mother's doll, hair was dressed up in each model, even with plastic and metal accessories.

They are completely different to the hair we are full of curiosity, many strangers saw me for the first time to my hair with admiration, felt so straight and long, silky hair is incredible. After tentatively the consent of my too impatient to wait on my head felt around, seems to want to confirm the hair is true. Spent three months in Nigeria I don't know how many locals touched her hair.

Change their hair at the barber loosen the hair braid or use the blade cutting, to change from the market to buy new "hair". The hair have a plenty of chemical fiber products, have a plenty of imported made from human hair, of course the price is higher. One change of hairstyle of money is spent about 3000-3000 Nigerian naira, worth about us $100-150 yuan. This is a not small cost for the locals, but can't stop them love beautiful heart.

Asked whether she shampoo trouble, she said now wear this kind of chemical fiber don't have to wash hair for several weeks, next time change their hair directly throw it away. Even need to wash your hair, also need not loosen the braid, washed with water directly. In fact, the braid originated in bad health conditions, the African hair weave together to avoid the fleas in loose hair growth. At that time, even a problem to eat rice, his hair shampoo, frequent natural care not. Now health conditions improved, the representative of hair are preserved.

Demand a lot of hair in Africa market value of about $6 billion, and also in increased year by year, the main wig is importer in China and India. Remember the street hear "accept - hair, braid -" form? Received the hair are likely to be sold to Africa after processing

His hair in different ways, which leads to the hair cut for Chinese in Africa became a difficult problem. Because the locals have a haircut with almost no scissors, but electricity push broach are all done, so for Chinese people want to cut out a satisfactory hairstyle is really not easy, I know a lot of Chinese people pick up the scissors "do it yourself, have ample food and clothing". So, Africa is a good place to exercise the survival skills!

I after three months in to Africa coincided with the dry season, it's unbearably hot to the streets to find a barber's going to leave for several months of hair cut short. First barber said there was no scissors, a second barber shops "white" you have to see my wild speculations, and finally in the neighbor's lead down to the third barber shop, both the scissors price is reasonable.

African people pay attention to outward appearance very much, also very care about others the impression to them. Always praise each other when they meet in a few words: you look great today! I love your dress! You look really nice shoes! A lot of female friends around mobile phone wallpaper is a self-portrait. After hearing the music, they can twist the body thrown up hair wigs to dance, this is their body language show vitality and confidence.