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The latest report hair color/cancer issue

  • Author:Andrew
  • Source:Net
  • Release on:2016-06-04

In the era of color is gorgeous, play the point on the hair color it is not uncommon
After racing colours bloom, however, questions about the health began to controversial, make more and more people have created "panic disorder" color, especially for hair dye cancer problem. The "fashion health" questioning two experts, for love the color error between health and answer your hair color bias.

Rumor: dye affect health
Yvonne: Peking University first hospital skin venereal division of doctor of vice director of Associate professor
The majority of hair dye "para-phenylene diamine" this kind of material is controversial, and according to the international institutions (IARC) cancer to dye their hair and in the assessment of the relationship between disease and there is no conclusive scientific evidence that the correlation between both. At the same time, in a large number of animal experiments, and no data showing para-phenylene diamine will cause any adverse effects. As long as you can before use to catch hair product to read labels and specifications, for our health and not too big effect.
Dr Xu Yunyun: science squirrels members of clinical medicine
In human pain, mostly related to many factors, such as: genetic, living habits, environmental pollution, radiation, and so on. But only the strong radiation in these factors is the single factor caused by malignant tumor, it is not enough evidence to prove that the phenylene diamine is the only factor that lead to disease, after assessment, dye hair directly associated with disease not produced.

  • verdict:
    Dye hair products is one of the most extensive study of the mass consumer goods, for decades, its safety and various institute continues to be confirmed, so in the case of normal use and does not exist in our health risk.
    Rumor 2: often catch hair not is harmful to the body
    Young friends have hair color, always can frequently change colour Two experts pointed out: the use of inappropriate dye hair products or not to follow correctly the use of the product, do for the health of the hair and scalp.
    Tips: the hair to trustworthy people
    Fashionable hair style is just like a professional of top grade racing car, need to find a professional driver to steer and play to the fastest speed, so find a professional knowledge clear, experienced and skilled hairdresser is all the basis and the beginning of a beautiful.

    1 communicate with your hairdresser
    Must let stylist clear understanding to the situation at your hair, as well as the effect of you want to achieve, so that he can combine your hair condition, personal temperament, color requirements is the "ultimate" solutions. In order to avoid allergic conditions, a handful of allergic constitution, it is important to note that when choosing to catch hair product components, and operating process, choose to suit their own products.

    2 should pay attention to maintenance after dyeing
    The hair after, for clearing and hair to add nutrients, with support color Xihu products such as Hg Jarno membrane can also, the Internet should have sold, this mask used to reduce loss of hair color, and let the hair have been sufficient nutrition and comfort. While the sun is an essential step in maintenance, because the sun's ultraviolet radiation on the hair and hair color is also very large.