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Employees know how many wigs shunfa knowledge

  • Author:Andrew
  • Source:Net
  • Release on:2016-03-28
Shunfa, Engli
sh expression is Remy Hair, can also be called a Virgin Hair, Remy Virgin Hair

Shunfa definition:
Shunfa namely hair root is the root of hair, the hair is a little hair, tail don't reverse chaos head of hair.Shunfa is the raw material of the best to make a wig.
There are also people who believe the hair surface with scales, scales are basically for shunfa hair in one direction.Shunfa is divided into two kinds: braided hair and the hair.
Braided hair generally refers to cut from the head, head layer don't reverse hair, tail slightly pale yellow.
Pour root hair is to use the root machine will pour bubble hair (left) with a head and a little part of the open hair follicles, can do scales towards consistent, make instant effect.
There is a difference between the two, of course, the same origin of braided hair than bubble hair hard commonly, pour the root hair itself is metabolic or external force and loss of hair, so on the use of time, braided hair than root hair more durable.

How to distinguish between bubble and shunfa:
If a single visually identify bubble hair and shunfa, has not been used fully.Summary sentence: a look at the two touch three feeling.
"A see appearance," shunfa appearance with scales, and does not generally after acid treatment, also need not treatment, appearance can sometimes seem to be slightly dull, soaked after multi-channel processing, shiny appearance.
Touch the "touch", from cover to cover, very smooth, the tail touch head, some coarse, is usually instant.Soaked after remove the scales, no matter how you feel, basically do not knot, can appear smooth, this is also why bubble hair are popular.
"Three feeling" feel its softness, feel its elasticity, feel moisture in it.(the thumb)

Shunfa processing:
Shunfa process and soaked, most just get rid of the acid treatment process.
Use scope:
Because the raw material price factors, pure shunfa to finished product and their target price difference is very big, so the demand is not high, after all, is one of the few rich people forever, so use range is not wide, and based on customer's demand, we can only as a psychological comfort to them.If you met a absolutely understand wig, and asked to shunfa, the customer decided basically don't want too much, and basically to hair shade, hair to give priority to.(here said the customer only for foreign clients, domestic customers cannot treat as the same, after all, China's hair or a lot)