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The second underwear of wig in China: black

  • Author:Andrew
  • Source:Net
  • Release on:2016-04-02

To say foreign consumers favorite cross-border e-commerce sites to buy anything from China, a wig will be one of its top So, employees consumer market in the whole world, and what is the main consumption? The entire employees which in turn has what kind of trend of overseas markets
Americans won sixty percent of the world a wig

According to employees in the world network, as a global processing and manufacturing base, China's wig exports account for more than 70% of the global supply of share. And in the global small cross-border trade market, Google, according to data wig search has been on the rise.
From a global employees the consumption trend of the industry, are employees of the world's biggest consumer market of North America, digest the 62% share of the global wig products, other major wig importing countries, including Japan (9%), UK (4%), South Africa (3%), Hong Kong (3%), etc. Among them, the United States is the world famous hair products wholesale market and consumer market, the world's first operating scale, products are mainly from China, Indonesia, Italy, Canada and other countries.
It is understood that due to the north American economy developed, employees consumer groups is big, has always been the hot spot of the employees consumption market, production enterprises and brands also see it as a key development areas. In addition, employees in North America market started early, mature, wearing habits already penetrated into different layers of the skin color, and age group.
From, represented by dunhuang nets and speed sell tong Chinese cross-border electric business platform, the wig has always been its top-selling product, and present a tendency of increasing turnover. In speed sell tong platform of employees in the consumer, the United States occupy the largest market share, sales proportion is as high as 90% above.
Favorite black wig in China
It is understood that due to the black hair is different from other ethnic groups, born is not easy to do, there is little black friend can truly have a flowing hair. So, in order to change the hair, they will often choose to wear a wig, to look more beautiful.
"Some economic conditions good countries in Africa, could a woman willing to take out the income of a third or half of the money to do wig. For American blacks (especially women), the wig is equal to their second set of underwear, can say is life necessities, is luxury." After the speed sell tong head Shen Difan publicly said that the quality of life a good American black women, with an average of six to seven sets of wig.
However, even such economically developed countries, the United States to have so many wigs, for women are also a lot of economic burden. Hundred million bond power network, in the United States do a wig took an average of the cost of $500 to $600, through China's cross-border electric business platform, americans can buy directly from raw materials, China merchants hand, a wig just $100, plus find local barbershop do, still can save half of the money.
Europe and the United States wig heat consumption will be sustained

After the financial crisis in 2008, north American employees consumption increased year by year, from 2009 to 2011, three years of spending growth of 16.91%, 27.15% and 16.91% respectively. Affected by the global recession in 2012, north American employees consumption growth rate has dropped, to 6.54%. From 2008 to 2012, the north American employees an average annual growth rate reached 18.68%, total consumption estimate employees in North America after a few years the consumption market is still growing at 14%, to 2017 north American employees spending will be $7.5 billion.
Meanwhile, the European as the birthplace of the employees, employees wear has a long history and mature market, large and stable consumer groups, so it is also an important consumption center employees. It is understood that the European employees consumer market is smaller than the United States and African markets, with white fashion consumption as the main demand, overall consumption level is higher, besides black law of daily use products, mostly white high-grade products, such as wig, hair clip, etc. Although have the impact on the economy of the European debt crisis, but with the gradual recovery of economy, market demand is expected to be a steady climb in the coming years.
Hundred million bond power net, in recent years, Europe's employees total consumption and the total amount of import and export is also expanding, and slow pace than in North America, from 2008 to 2012 employees in Europe spending an average annual growth rate of 12.65%. After five years, the European consumer market scale or steady growth, at the rate of 11% by 2017, Europe's employees spending will be $1.94 billion.
To this, a lot of cross-border electricity business practitioners, points out that the overseas market demand for employees to China business opportunities. As often, in fact, do not attach importance to the general public products, wigs getting hit in the us market, not only in Britain, the European Union, and African market has great potential for development.