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Wig materials

  • Author:Andrew
  • Source:Net
  • Release on:2016-05-28
1. Human hair (human hair) in human hair, depending on the region, have Chinese hair, Indian - Pakistani, russians and europeans. Among them, the Indian human hair covers an area of the largest proportion of raw materials, is also the most cheap; Russians have a qualitative nearest to the European and American markets hair quality requirements, quality and price is very high.

Developed on the basis of reality the growth rule, the longer the hair, the longer growth needs time, the raw material is scarce, the higher the price. So, human hair material is one inch long, an inch.
About 4 "human hair, are commonly used to make eyelash products;

6 ~ 14 ", "price per kg of basic proportional increase;
16 ~ 22 ", "m kg of price differential successive widening;
 More than 24 ", the price is not very stable, but the overall level at high prices.
The length of the hair, the common man is "inch", abbreviated as ", and, with an even number (for example: 2, 4, 6, 8 to choose a suitable text book) for length division unit, there is no singular product length.
2. Chemical fiber hair, synthetic hair fiber) chemical fiber, is a chemical "spinning" or "blow" process and fiber materials. More famous Japanese kanekalon toyokalon. Early a few more, is the most cheap PP material (also called P material, polypropylene fiber silk).

In addition, based on the combustion performance of chemical fiber materials, is divided into: flame retardant (non - flame) and flame retardant. Flame retardant and non flame retardant is an important index for measuring synthetic wigs, the use of flame retardant chemical fiber, can reduce the risk of a certain degree of wear, all that often can see the wigs packaging above, have the words "non - flame".

3. Mixed hair (mixture dovetail) out real hair and chemical fiber silk, people often use some animal hair (animal hair) to make a wig. Such as: yak hair, horse hair, camel hair, etc. These animal wool and human hair or synthetic hair products made of mixing, is mixed. Animals in general factory won't be on the product packaging this MAO, but in practical production, it is common. As some teaching head (trainning head), specifically for the use of hairdressing demonstration of college teachers and students to practice, if you use a real hair, the cost will be very high and very waste, using a certain proportion of animal hair, can meet the needs of dyeing hot, also can effectively reduce the cost.
Note:Main component is keratin hair, make up about 85% ~ 90% of the total weight hair shaft. But also contains trace elements, lipid, pigment and water. Bare outside, the protein is death. Human hair with a touch of natural "cool" feeling. Good toughness, tensile can bounce back after; Hold good sag, nature, good sag and has weight. Chemical fiber silk touch when no cool feeling, light weight and gone with the wind, especially when stretching won't rebound, can produce large irreversible deformation, therefore, chemical fiber production employees when combing, to comb the hair up, avoid big strength